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General conditions of transport
CAUTION : No duplicate of the final ticket shall be issued. In the case of loss or theft of a ticket, or any comparable event, a new ticket must be purchased. Any ticket that has not been used by its expiry date (i.e. one year after its date of issue) may be refunded.


General conditions of transport - general provisions


a)If cancelled more than 72 hours before departure, 90% of the price of the ticket shall be refunded.
b)If cancelled less than 72 hours and more than 24 hours before departure, 70% of the price of the ticket shall be refunded.
c) If cancelled less than 24 hours before departure, 50% of the price of the ticket shall be refunded.
No refund shall be made for tickets that are not cancelled before departure.


Cabin and berth numbers are indicated by the three- or four-digit numbers (followed by one or more letters) printed in the "INSTALLATION" box on the ticket. If the numbers shown are different, the passengers holding the tickets shall travel in different cabins.


Seats are not numbered. The number printed in the "INSTALLATION" box is a booking sequence number, not a seat number.


The time at which vehicles must be presented for embarkation formalities is shown on the ticket. Embarkation is not guaranteed for vehicles presented after the time indicated.


Passengers must be ready for embarkation formalities at least 1 hour before departure. Embarkation is not guaranteed for passengers arriving after the time indicated.

EXPECTANT MOTHERS may travel by sea if they are no more than 7 months pregnant, subject to acceptance by the ship's doctor.


Ce document permet d'accéder à bord. Il doit impérativement être présenté par le passager lors de l'embarquement. En cas de perte, de vol ou de tout autre événement assimilable, le passager devra faire l'acquisition d'un nouveau titre de transport.

CAUTION :If you have purchased a return ticket, you must keep the return coupon(s) ("COUPONS RETOUR") after your ticket has been inspected when you embark on your OUTWARD journey. Check that you have your return coupon(s). Passengers must apply for any reduced rates to which they are entitled before their ticket is issued. No price adjustments shall be made after departure. Any requests or claims concerning charges for vehicles must be made before embarkation. No refund shall be made after departure. Vehicles exceeding 1.80 m in height shall not be allowed to embark on car ferries if this height was not declared and recorded at the time of booking. Private vehicles exceeding 1.80 m in height following the installation of a roof rack shall not be allowed to embark on car ferries. Exceptionally, and subject to available space, this rule may be waived if the vehicle height is between 1.80 m and 2.30 m. In this case, an additional charge shall be applied. The amounts charged are listed in the current timetable and tariff booklets. The additional charge shall be paid to our services at the port of embarkation only.


General conditions of transport

ART. 1 - This contract is governed either by the Tunisian Commercial Shipping Code, in particular articles 150 to 158 and 219 to 255, or by the international convention signed in Brussels on 29 April 1961, on condition that said texts are legally binding on the parties hereto, and also by the conditions set out hereunder.

ART. 2 - This ticket is personal and non-transferable. Passengers must be on board one hour before the scheduled departure time. It is expressly agreed that the fare to be paid for the crossing shall always be calculated on the basis of the rate applicable on the day the ticket is used, irrespective of its date of issue. Consequently, in the event of a fare increase, the ticket holder formally undertakes to pay the amount of the increase before embarking. The fare must be paid in full before embarking. The price of tickets purchased on board shall be increased by 10%. The crossing is acquired in any event. The passenger may, however, cancel the contract by notifying the carrier in writing at least 10 days before the scheduled departure date. In this case, the passenger shall be refunded the amount paid, minus 10% of the total fare of the crossing. This ticket is only valid for the departure indicated opposite. If no departure date is indicated, the ticket must be used within one year of its date of issue. Beyond this period

ART. 3. -Passengers undertake to abide by the regulations in force on board the Company's ships. Access is restricted to areas in the class indicated on their ticket, unless otherwise allowed by the Purser. Offenders shall pay the difference in fares between the two classes (plus 50%), without prejudice to any further

ART. 4. -The Company reserves the right to substitute one of its vessels for that announced for the departure. The fare for the vessel actually in service shall be applied and, according to whether said fare is higher or lower than the original fare announced, the passenger shall pay the extra cost or receive a refund for the difference.

ART. 5. - Adult passengers are entitled to a baggage allowance of 60 kg each in Cabin Class, and 30 kg each in Economy Class on Tunisia/France and Tunisia/Italy lines and vice versa. Excess baggage is charged according to current Company rates. Baggage must be checked in before embarkation by Company agencies or by railway stations in the case of direct check-in. Any baggage left unclaimed upon arrival shall remain at the port, at the owner's expense and risk. Passengers must mark their name and destination clearly and durably on all packages and items of baggage.

ART. 6 - It is forbidden to take on board as baggage any objects not intended for the passenger's personal use and, in particular, goods of a commercial nature. The Captain and Company shall not liable for any loss or damage in the event of infringement of this Article.

ART. 7. - Passengers must not take on board or pack in their baggage any inflammable or explosive materials, or any items or products prohibited for import or not in accordance with customs and police laws and regulations. Offenders are liable to pay the Company a fine of 20 Tunisian dinars or the equivalent amount in another currency for this offence, without prejudice to their liability to the Company or any other carrier for any damage resulting therefrom, and in any case, without prejudice to the penalties defined in Tunisian laws or those of other countries.

ART. 8. - The Company accepts no responsibility for baggage or items not checked in by passengers, or for money, cash, bonds, jewellery or any other valuable items not declared and charged according to their value when handed over to the Purser in exchange for a receipt. Value-declared items shall only be accepted by the carrier upon submittal of an inventory of their contents and payment of a charge equal to 1% of the declared value. Live pets are accepted but without guarantee against loss,

ART. 9. - If the Company is charged with carrying packages or baggage for a period prior to embarkation or after disembarkation, it is expressly agreed that it acts as principal on behalf of the owners of the baggage and that its liability does not replace that of the carriers employed. Whatever the case, the Company's responsibility for the baggage is limited to the period

ART. 10. - The Company makes no undertaking to deliver baggage checked in outside normal working hours or the opening times of the Customs Authorities. No claims may be made for any delay in handing over baggage.

ART. 11. - The Captain and Company accept no responsibility for any rerouting, changes in itinerary, service interruptions, or late departures and arrivals of the ship, or the fact that departure, arrival, or connection times of ships and trains do not coincide, or for cases of quarantine, in which event health and food costs shall be at the passengers' expense. Furthermore, the Captain and Company accept no responsibility for late performance or non-performance of the transport contract, or for any consequence arising from damage, unemployment, civil or foreign war, total or partial strikes, coalitions of employers, workers, officers, seamen, or any employees whatsoever, whether employed by the Company or not, or for the laying up or total or partial detention of the Company's ships resulting from total or partial lock-outs, whoever their instigators may be. The Captain and Company therefore accept no responsibility for the consequences of such irregularities, interruptions, or withdrawal of services, and the time spent as a result thereof shall be entirely at the passengers'

ART. 12. - IThe Captain is entitled to tow and assist ships under any circumstances, change route, and proceed with rescue and transhipment operations, and the passengers waive their right to make any claim relating thereto.

ART. 13. - With regard to personal injury sustained by passengers, either on board, or when embarking or disembarking, or in the event of lost or damaged baggage, the Company shall only be liable to passengers or eligible claimants under the conditions and within the limits provided for in the Tunisian Commercial Shipping Code or, according to the case, under the conditions and within the limits provided for in the International Convention signed in Brussels on 29 April 1961.

ART. 14. - For any late delivery of baggage detrimental to passengers and for which the Company is liable, the compensation due by the Company shall not exceed 20% of the compensation that would be due in the event of the loss of said baggage. Whatever the case, the Company is entitled to a period of one month to search for the lost items. With regard to animals accompanying the passengers, the compensation due by the Company, should €7.62 per animal.

ART. 15. - Any passenger having sustained personal injury must immediately inform the Purser. Furthermore, said passenger must express his/her reservations in writing and send them to the Company by recorded delivery no more than 10 days after the disembarkation date. If this condition is not met, it shall be assumed that the passenger disembarked unharmed, unless there is

ART. 16 :
a) All the limitations, exemptions and stipulations of this contract relating to the carrier's liability also apply, where necessary, to the liability of the carrier's agents, ships, employees and other representatives, and also to the liability of the owners, agents, employees and other representatives of any replacement ship, should they be liable.
b) Any clause, paragraph or stipulation whatsoever of this contract that is illegal or rendered null and void shall neither affect nor invalidate a paragraph or stipulation of said contract.
c) Any difficulties arising in connection with the performance of this contract shall come under the sole jurisdiction of the Tunis Court of First Instance, even in the event of introduction of third parties, several defendants, or related cases. The passenger accepts this jurisdiction and undertakes not to take any legal action against the Company before any other Court.

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