(TAP) – « Tanit » is one of the largest and fastest steamers in the world and in the Mediterranean in particular. It is the only Tunisian ship on the white list published by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), according to the ship captain Ali Ouerghemi.

All the international evaluations of this liner stemming from the Tunisian Company of Navigation do not lead to any observation, added Ouerghemi to TAP, during a maritime excursion aboard Tanit which made Tunis / Genoa (Italy), from September 28 to 30, 2018.

These assessments, which cover all aspects of service quality, pollution and safety, are performed periodically to monitor the vessel’s compliance with international standards.

The safety of the passenger is the first priority, said in turn, commissioner, Atef Bouguerra, first responsible for passengers, saying that this season is successful at 90% thanks to the absence of failure.

Hazard simulations are performed periodically to test the predisposition of the ship’s crew in case of accidents.

A.Bouguerra stressed the need to give a listening ear to passengers, especially during the high season, as the number of travelers per crossing, reached 3,200 people. Problems arise often between passengers during this period, forcing the commissioner to intervene to resolve them friendly, while being careful not to disturb other passengers.

The commissioner also leads the team responsible for welcoming passengers and tourists. His mission is to check the travel tickets, direct them to their cabins, and inform them about the services available and the activities planned for them.

In an emergency, the Commissioner is responsible for the safety of passengers. His task, obliges him to be permanently in direct contact with passengers as he masters several foreign languages.

The capacity of Tanit is 3,200 passengers and 1,060 vehicles. It was received by Tunisia in 2012, for 357 MD. Its speed reaches 27.5 knots, allowing it to take 18 hours only, to complete the journey from La Goulette to the ports of Genoa and Marseille.

The ship « Tanit » has three restaurants, leisure areas, a games room, a children’s area, a swimming pool, two mosques, a shopping centre and a congress hall.